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About Us

About UsWelcome to ZagglePlace - The Unique Gift Space, your number one source for online shopping.  Whether it is your first time here or you are a long time visitor, our message to you is the same.  We want to get you top quality products at the best possible price.  We strive to continuously update our inventory with fresh products, but most of all we're dedicated to expert customer service.    

We are not only the people responsible for ZagglePlace, but we are also online shoppers.  We have been around a long time, and are formerly  Every decision that goes into the website is made with the shopper in mind.  This is why we launched our new website (that you are seeing as you read this). 

Our new website launched in April 2015 coming a long way from its beginning back in 2009. We have got away from the daily deals, but not gotten away from good prices for great products.   Having gone through a few versions of the site, we have a great understanding of what you, our customer wants.  Let's face it with out you, we can't survive. Dedicating more time and effort to Customer Service than any of our competitors we know that you will be completely satisfied.

We truly enjoy hearing from you, so If you ever have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Thanks for visiting,

ZagglePlace Team.